Billericay Blonde

Billericay Blonde Ale


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Billericay Blonde

A beautiful Essex-brewed handcrafted artisan golden ale with a refreshing tantalizing hoppy ,  but a very slight bitter finish.

The Billericay vibe comes from one of our famous


Pack of 6

4% ABV
1 x 500ml Bottle

About Blonde Beer, By Beerbelly

Blonde beer, also known as pale ale, is a type of beer that is characterized by its light, golden colour, and refreshing taste. It is often brewed with pale malts and sometimes contains a variety of hops to add flavor and aroma. Blonde beer is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike due to its approachable flavor profile and versatility.

One of the defining features of blonde beer is its appearance. As the name suggests, blonde beer has a light, golden color that is reminiscent of straw or honey. This color is achieved through the use of pale malts, which are lightly kilned to preserve their natural colour and impart a mild, malty sweetness to the beer. The light color of blonde beer makes it visually appealing and sets it apart from darker beer varieties such as stouts and porters.

Beerbelly Fun Note:

I was having a family BBQ and it was super hot before 11 am, I put a few Blondes in the freezer to do a quick call down…..OOOPs ..I forgot to get them out before they became ice pops. I put one next to the BBQ., and then every 3/4 mins it had a most delicious mouthful ice-cold Blonde on tap…It was the Billerciay Blonde….it was gooooood.




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